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Rain made a place for us

to swim, to play

Rogue Graphics
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The Rules

+If you have more than 3 icons, or if your banner or colorbar reaches over 700 pixels width, item must be placed under an lj cut.

<*lj-cut* text="your text here"*>

Remove the stars

+ No hotlinking unless the person provides a code for their work. If all their bandwith is used up then not even you can see the item anymore.

+ Comment when taking ANYTHING. We like to know when our work is being taken, and we also want to check the crediting (see below). But yeah, comment, it gives us warm feelings to know people liked our work enough to actually take it.

+ CREDIT, CREDIT, CREDIT. It isn't hard to do. Usually credit is automatically in the code for colorbars. For icons, credit in keywords (where you upload it), and banners and such, credit in your userinfo or wherever strikes your fancy. Those who don't credit will be banned, kidnapped and dropped in a cave with a very hungry bear.

+ Be nice. If someone sucks at graphics, be nice anyways. Getting 0 comments from people is a hint that no one wants their stuff, rude comments don't help. We are all learning and none of us know everything. If they ask for pointers, why not help out?
Plus rudeness pisses me off, and pissing off the mod=bad.

+ Keep to the topic. Post icons, banners, colorbars and other types of graphics. If you have questions about how to use Photoshop or PSP there are communities for those. If you don't have any graphics to post but you do consider your post to be on topic, go for it. If I don't like it I'll just delete it.
Example of a good post: "10 icons under the cut"
Example of a bad post: "Omg, does anyone know where I can find pics of Ashton Kutcher?" Yeah, don't be stupid.

+ Colorbar requests are welcome. Icon and banner requests are welcome if it is something we are capable of doing.

+ Post often. I have seen too many communites start out strong and then just die because people don't post. This won't be one of those. Don't just join to have it on your friends list. That's dumb.

+ Don't promote your community. Go to community_promo for that. We don't care who is the hXc_sXe and who is omfg_hawt. Promote and die.

+ Plz dont talk liek this. Itz dum and makez me want 2 shoot u in teh face!!!1111one
There is no excuse for THAT much ignorance.

+Break any rules, you get banned.

Raddest People EVER

(Who to be nice to)


We are the raddest people ever.
Be nice to us, we'll be nice to you, piss us off and you are banned.
If you have a problem with us or the community our e-mail addresses are at our journals.
But for the most part, we probably won't care.


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